Do it all in one platform by managing, publishing, monetizing, and analyze your videos


Vidzulu makes video management simple. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 videos, they will all be stored securely online.

The Vidzulu video platform simplifies the process of uploading, editing, and publishing your media. The system is designed in such a way to work together with the entire organization from a single environment. Give employees access to manage specific aspects of your media library, such as editing meta data, adding subtitles or creating video playlists.

After uploading, the video platform automatically encodes your video to the desired format. With detailed access profiles, you control exactly who can see your videos and when.



Break away from the pack and create a unique, consistent brand experience.

Using the fastest and most adaptable video player on the market ensures that your videos will be delivered to any device in the blink of an eye and will provide a unique viewer experience from anywhere in the world. This allows you to tell your story, your way.



Increase your income with video subscriptions.

Launch your own live or on-demand video service and generate income with pay-per-view (TVOD) and subscription video (SVOD)

Integrate Vidzulu into your own services or app. We also offer Vidzulu On Demand, a user-friendly, complete solution for offering paid premium content.

Sell individual videos, video collections, or access to entire sub-channels. The automatic payment link we give you allows your users to pay easily via credit card, PayPal, and any other payment system.


Analytics and Reports

Improve results with insight into your best-performing content, viewing behavior, and conversion ratios with our comprehensive video analytics

Use our reports to acquire business insight, better understand trends, and see how successful your content strategy is.

Increase your knowledge of your best-performing content, the viewing behavior of your users, the channels and devices that your videos are viewed on, geographical playback, and conversion ratios.

With just a few clicks, you can see all the details regarding the performance of a certain video, a category, or a time frame.


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